Security check
We can provide custom documentation for your configuration if you authenticate. We ask you to authenticate as we populate the documentation with your auth credentials.
I'll do it later
New App
Use our Python Client library to build models
Our Python package is a simple lightweight way to interact with our API and data. We recommend you use this for models and algorithms. You can acheive the same flexibility with our Node package as with our REST endpoints and streams and with greater ease.
The first step is to install our package and the relevant dependencies.
> pip install sentiment-investor

Set Up
The next step is to import the Sentipy object and authenticate. You will no longer need to authenticate as Sentipy has stored your key and token auth here. You will be able to make GET requests and stream data without auth.
from sentipy.sentipy import Sentipy

key = ""
token = ""

sentipy = Sentipy(token=token, key=key)