Sentiment Investor Docs

If you're interested in downloading our entire database of over 100M rows, please contact us at hello at

Get social media sentiment data with our REST endpoints.

Sentiment investor scrapes the internet for stock and crypto mentions. We then use NLP to interpret what people are saying about a particular stock. People use our data to inform other trading algorithms or to inform trading decisions directly.

Our Proprietary Metrics

People come to use for our proprietary trading metrics, the AHI (average hype index), RHI (Relative Hype Index), and of course our sentiment score.
You can read more about those values here
Our REST endpoints are a simple lightweight way to interact with our API and data. We have client support in Node JS and Python. As such we recommend where possible use our client libraries. We provide REST endpoints for use in languages that we do not support with our client libraries.
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